Do you love pretty jewelry? Who doesn’t?!

Check out my favorite places to shop for lovely jewelry, both fine jewelry and fine “costume” jewelry.


A.Jaron Fine Jewelry

If you’re looking for a one of a kind piece of fine jewelry for that special occasion or no occasion, go see my friend, Amanda Jaron.   She has been designing fine jewelry pieces for many many years.  She has a Bachelors of Art Degree from the University of Arts in Philadelphia, PA. 

She has worked for Givenchy, Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West and more. Her designs have appeared in magazines, and as runway pieces for the couture fashion houses of Europe and have been purchased and are currently being worn by sophisticated women all over the world, including a few celebrities.

She specializes in designing unique, creative, high end pieces, often, funky or romantic, and always gorgeous pieces,  using your old no longer worn pieces of jewelry or buying all new.  

Amanda  is very active in her community as well.  She created a 501(c)3 non-profit, called The Glitter Foundation, to bring art education and art therapy programs to the children in SW Florida.  She participates in many charity events throughout the year, donating a portion of profits from the sales to her favorite charities. 

Surprisingly, her jewelry is not as expensive as you would imagine.  In fact, most pieces are very reasonable, especially if you’re providing the old fine jewelry to be redesigned as something new.  

Her shop is easy to find, in the Bayshore area of East Naples, on Bayshore Drive.  Just look for the building with the Mermaid mural on the side.   

Here’s her contact info:

A. Jaron Studio
3784 Bayshore Drive
Naples, FL

Tel: 239-596-8610




dana tyler 

She calls it “inspired travel jewelry”.  I call it “fabulous fakes”   

At this point in my life, I have more important things to spend my money on than buying lots of brand new diamonds to complement my collection.  Yes, I do love the real thing, and on occasion it’s nice to splurge. But if you’re looking for some excellent quality, elegant and sophisticated costume jewelry, that looks very very real, visit one of Dana Tyler’s stores and go shopping. 

Most items start at around $10 and go up to around $150, give or take a few dollars.  Many are made of rhodium plated jewelers metal or sterling silver and set with cz’s.   If you want to something a little nicer, check out their upscale line called LaFonn, designed in sterling silver bonded with platinum and set with a higher quality simulated diamond.  The LaFonn line is generally priced in the $130 and up range.   The LaFonn line carries a lifetime guarantee.  If your bracelet or necklace break or any of the stones are lost, just bring it back and they will repair the piece at no cost to you.   

I had purchased a tennis bracelet and the clasp broke.  I took it back. They don’t always do it this way, preferring to send it to the factory for repair, but they had enough stock in the store to just replace the bracelet on the spot with one from their inventory.

If you don’t like wearing your “real” diamonds while traveling, then you should definitely visit Dana Tyler and pick up some pieces to pack with you on your next trip.  I like my pieces so much that I wear many of them everyday. 

There are now 6 locations, here in FL to serve you, including two in Naples, Punta Gorda, Sarasota, Venice, Fort Myers and The Villages. 

Go to their website at for more information. 



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