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Your bedroom closet door.


Steps to Cleaning Out Your Closet Effectively

  1.   Take everything out of the closet and make big piles on the bed.  Yes, everything!  
  2. Decide how you’re going to set up your closet. For instance,  I have all of my clothing hung up according to colors. Makes it far easier when I’m looking for a particular color item to wear.
  3. Only return things to the closet that you really believe you will wear at some point within the next 6 months.  If you haven’t worn the item in more than a year, don’t put it in the closet. Put it in a bag as a discard and forget about it.  You forgot you had that item for over a year, so if you discard it, you’ll forget it was ever there by the time the bag is closed. 
  4. That’s it!  It’s that simple! 

Behind My Closet Door!  Believe it or not, it IS organized. 

That’s a shoe rack that holds 100 pairs of shoes and rolls in and out of my closet.



Although I live in SW Florida, where there is only a slight change in the weather, from season to season, contradictory to what most northerners believe, we do have more than one season,   

In the summer it is very warm, and often very humid.  Around mid-October, the temperature drops just a little and the humidity leaves for the most part.  And the evenings start to feel just a little bit cooler, ocassionally necessitating a sweater, a wrap or a sweatshirt, if you’re going to be outside.

In the winter, contrary to what most northerners believe, it can get cold, especially late at night or early in the morning.  When I first moved to Florida in 2004, I was shocked to wake up one February morning, look at the thermometer placed outside of the living room sliding glass door, and see that it was a brrrr freez,ng 28 degrees! 

It did warm up by late morning, but many days the temperature only reached the mid to high 70’s.  

So, here in SW Florida, we do need to have clothing for each season.

Around 6 months ago, when I first retired, one of my first projects was to clean out both my master bedroom closet, as well as the guest room closet, where I kept clothing that didn’t fit in the bedroom.  

In the past times in my life, I’d do a quick pass through the closet and just pull a bunch of things I haven’t worn in a while and toss them in a bag to eventually bring over to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  But then I moved to Florida and discovered the treasures one can find as well as the money that can be saved on high end designer clothing,  shopping at thrift stores and consignment stores.  I love to keep my wardrobe current.  I love to wear designer fashions. Unfortunately, if you buy at full price, you need to have a champagne budget to shop at the designer’s stores. I don’t have that kind of budget.  My mother always taught me there is no shame in saving money, especially if you like to shop.  A lesson I have never forgotten.

For years,  since my first visit to a consignment store, I have had what I consider, the best wardrobe, and at relatively low cost.  The good thing about consignment shops is that they accept your old discarded clothes and will pay you for them. You bring them your castoffs. As they sell, they give you a percentage of the sale.  It’s not a lot of money but if you do this with a lot of clothing, it adds up.  And the best thing is that you can go into the store and shop using the credit they hold on account for you.  So you can shop without exchanging money, if you do this a lot.

One of the best options I’ve come across, if I don’t feel like grabbing the car keys and driving to my local consignment shops, where I have been known to spend hours at a time, if it’s a particularly good consignment shop, looking through the racks and trying things on, for the best deals is to shop online.  Yes!   There are online consignment shops.   My favorite one is ThredUP.  At ThredUP.com, you can while away the hours, online, looking at fashions, shoes, accessories.  BUT, the best way to utilize this website is go there and click on the link for a “clean-out bag”.  I always select the basic one because it’s free and you can ship it back for free. They will send you a very large plastic bag which you can fill with as much as you can squeeze into it and then seal with the foldover adhesive flap.   Getting it back to them is as easy as going to the USPS.com website and selecting “request a pickup”.   Complete the information for a postage paid package.  I always leave my full bag on the front porch and note that on the pick up request.  Then the mail carrier picks it up on his next visit and voila! It’s on it’s way.   The shipping label has tracking information that triggers at least one email letting you know the bag is on it’s way to ThredUP.  When ThredUp receives it, they send you an email letting you know.  Typically, it takes a few weeks for them to go through your bag and determine which items they will keep.  You have the option to agree to pay a shipping charge for them to return whatever they don’t want to keep.  If you don’t agree to pay for them to return your items, I believe they donate unselected things to charity.  So you can’t really lose.  Nothing is going in the trash.  One way or another someone is benefitting from the receipt of the clothing.   I generally just agree that they should keep everything.   If I’ve sent them things that they know will sell very well and fast, they often give me an immediate payout for those items.  Other items, will be posted on their website and you’ll receive a percentage of the sale when they sell.   

When I did this in the spring, I had requested 3 bags.   After filling all of them and returning them as they were filled, I had a credit with ThredUP of well over $130!  That was money I could either use to shop on their website or request in a payout check. I always let the money ride and use it to shop.  It can be used towards the cost of the clothing and shipping fees for anything you buy.   

It gives me the ability to change my wardrobe as often as I like.  I just requested another bag knowing that as I go into my closet starting to look for clothing to take up north with me on an upcoming trip, I’ll find some things I haven’t worn in a while that I’m finally ready to part with.   

If you’re interesting in giving this a try, please use this code  ” http://www.thredup.com/r/5Q49AW” (without the quotes), which is my referral code. That will give you $10 off your first shopping trip.  And I’ll pick up an extra $10 as a referral fee, to spend on my next online shopping trip, after you make your first purchase.  

So, open that bedroom closet door, get a good flashlight, if it’s dark, take a deep breath and walk in.  








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