Last night, I took my husband, who had never attended a show like this, to a local favorite restaurant, Bambusa Bar and Grill, here in Naples, FL.  The show was advertised as a “Las Vegas Production”.  (cough cough –bullshit!)

It was the first time I’d gone to a show like this in probably 35-40 years.  So granted, I’m 35-40 years older, but I’m not dead yet.  I thought it would be fun even knowing the guys were probably going to be young enough to be my sons…or worse, grandsons.

The show I went to many years ago, at a bar, somewhere up in New Jersey  (I don’t remember exactly where), was phenomenal for what it was.   It was everything I expected.   There was a stage. There was an emcee.   The guys came out, mostly one at a time, with a shtick to work their clothes off quickly, down to a sexy g-string with little left to the imagination.  Each number was a production.  One guy came out on a motorcycle in leather in a cloud of flashing lights and smoke,  Another came out dressed as a cowboy. Then there was the cop who showed up in the audience to surprise someone who was having a bachelorette party.  The guys danced on the stage, then down a runway and onto our tables, damn near knocking our cocktails off the table.  They each did a number of songs in all different costumes and worked the room; the entire room.   I was with a group of female co-workers and it was a fun night.  Even then,  I discounted the fact that most of the guys appeared to be almost young enough to be my son, at the time, because they were so entertaining. 

Last night, that’s what I and I’m sure many of the attendees were expecting at the Magic Mike Live, Fifty Shades of Magic Show.   Instead,  three men showed up…  the assumption when you purchased tickets, that there’d be at least four guys, based on the promotional materials.  And I’m sure we all expected a real production with costumes and light effects and smoke and different music.   If you remember the movie “Magic Mike”, that’s what we were expecting. 

Well,  they showed up with one emcee and two other guys.   Prior to the show, one of the guys was talking to the woman at the table next to ours and told her that two of their guys were off that night.  Say what???!!!   

Because we showed up around 45 minutes before the show started, we were stuck with the last table in the place, way in the back of the restaurant, next to the restrooms.  It was impossible to see what was happening in the front of the room unless I stood on the booth seat.  But, the reality is that is wasn’t much of a loss, just a great disappointment. 

When the show finally started, there was no big production. No lights, lasers, smoke, nothing more than music and the emcee egging everyone on.  Club music started (and in fact never changed throughout the show) and the guys started to grind the women up in the VIP seats.  The two guys pretty much just worked the front of the restaurant. There were no real dance numbers.  There were no real creative moves other than a bunch of grinding for the front crowd.  One of them did eventually take his clothes off, down a pair of multicolored boxer shorts, followed by the adornment of a pair of grey boxer briefs .  It was a bit strange.   Back when I saw the show in PA, those guys basically took off damn near all of their clothes.   Not sure if these were the substitute Magic Mike guys who were a bit modest and cajoled into the appearance with the promise that they could keep their underwear on or what?   I think the only women who were entertained by this review were the ones who paid $20 to have the guys grind them in their chairs. 

As I mentioned, I couldn’t see anything unless I stood on my seat.   After an hour of watching, basically nothing entertaining to most of us that weren’t sitting in the VIP seats, a number of us asked for checks and left.

We were told to show up with our $1’s for the dancers. I had $24.   I left with all $24.  It cost us $25 a piece for the tickets and around $37 for the drinks with tip.  

What did we learn? Don’t ever go to a Magic Mike Live show.  Big mistake. Our expectations were far too high.   A waste of $50! 

I’ve been to shows in Las Vegas.  This was NOT anything close to a Las Vegas production.   They insult the shows like this in Las Vegas associating themselves with them.  

 I don’t fault the venue.   They probably saw it as a money making opportunity on an otherwise slower night.   They sold out the place and the servers were working very hard to serve food and drinks.  It was a win for them.   We’ll return to Bambusa Bar & Grill.  The food is great there.   We generally always have a nice time when we go there.  I hope the owners who book this group get the true reviews and don’t book this group again.



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